Preparing the soil of the heart is the first phase of the evangelism process. Building friendships with people opens the heart for the reception of truth. We do this by personal ministry, coming close to people, being kind and social, and ministering to practical needs.

The second phase of evangelism includes testing the soil of the heart by planting seeds of truth. Jesus said, "The seed is the Word of God." Luke 8:11. This is accomplished by sharing our personal testimony, GLOW literature or inviting someone to a health or other church ministry event.

When someone responds positively to the planting of spiritual seeds, it is time to offer a weekly Bible study.  This is where we cultivate the growing interest through the study and application of the Word. This can be accomplished through weekly personal or group Bible studies.

After cultivating the interest with Bible studies, it is time to lead those embracing the truth to make decisions for baptism. Harvesting decisions for Christ can be accomplished through Bible studies or public evangelistic meetings.

After baptism, new members should be discipled through nurturing friendships and continued learning. This is the preserve phase of the evangelism process. An intentional mentoring plan will enable the equipped disciple to make other disciples, thus adding to the growth of the church.