• 40 days to harvest

    Join the members of your church in praying and planning for great things to happen before, during, and as a result of public evangelism meetings. This devotional journal is designed for church members to read and discuss together for 40 days leading up to the meetings.
    This book will help your church focus on four important areas as you prepare:

    • Attendance at the meetings
    • Intercession for the meetings
    • Investment in the meetings
    • Involvement in the meetings

  • evangelism that works

    A step by step guide for the local church
    Elder Loren Nelson retired in 2013 after serving 44 years in full time ministry. During his career he served 29 years in 3 Conferences as Ministerial Director managing Evangelists and budgets along with doing evange­lism regularly. In this training manual, Elder Nelson shares, in easy to understand details, how to organize the church for evangelism.

  • Evangelism Pre-work Manual by Amazing Facts

    Featuring colorful, step-by-step instruction guides, the Evangelism Pre-work Manual is based on practical principles straight from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy to give you the keys to a vibrant and productive outreach reaping series at your church. By Amazing Facts.

  • Fulfilling God's End-time Mission.

    Evangelism is Heaven's top priority. Nothing is more important to God. For He "desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth" and He is "not willing that any should perish". (1st Timothy 2:4, NKJV: 2 Peter 3:9, NKJV). In Fulfilling God's End-Time Mission, Pastor Mark and Ernestine Finley provide a powerful, practical plan on how to win the lost for Christ. Learn from one of Adventism's most highly effective evangelists how to develop an ongoing, comprehensive evangelistic outreach out of your church.  The promise of the Holy Spirit's power compels us to share Jesus' love and truth today. We hear the call of God: There must be no delay in this work. Our watchword is to be, Onward, ever onward! Angels of heaven will go before us to prepare the way (Gospel Workers, P.470).

  • the harvest

    Evangelism is the engine that drives the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is our mission, our reason to exist, our great privilege and passion. Our English word evangelism comes to us from a New Testament Greek word conveying the meaning of "a messenger of good news."This book - a rich "how to do it" reference - is undoubtedly once of the most complete manual on public evangelism ever published in the Adventist Church. For all who are engaged in the great work of evangelism - or are preparing for this indispensable ministry - "Reaping the Harvest" by Russell Burril will enlighten, teach, and motivate you as you share the Good News with those eager to hear it.