church ministries

The Church Ministries Department of the Montana Conference supports the ministries of constituent churches by providing training, consultation and materials for use in Personal Ministries, Adventist Community Services and Sabbath School.

The Church Ministries Department encourages a merging of ongoing regular public evangelistic events with the day-to-day making of friends and personal ministry interactions that win people to Jesus and make disciples for the kingdom.

Church Ministries Department goals:

  • Encourage the ministry of GLOW in each of our churches in the Montana Conference.
  • Provide Church Ministries training for local church leaders in each of the major geographical areas of the Montana Conference.

  • Provide training in Personal Minis­tries, Adventist Community Services, or Sabbath School upon request.

  • Support and assist Sabbath School leaders in making Sabbath School a dynamic experience.

  • Support and assist members in soul-winning and evangelistic meet­ings.

  • Provide church leaders with ma­terials and resources offered by the Montana Conference, North Pacific Union, North American Division and the General Conference.

  • Promote a Con­ference-wide mis­sion trip.

One tool that the Church Ministries Department offers is called Montana Church Consulting Service (MCCS).  This service utilizes Natural Church Development which involves eight biblical principles and determines how effectively they are functioning within a congregation.  Recent research within the Adventist church indicates that churches who implement the NCD survey will experience growth.  A few of the compelling reasons why a church should consider this process:

  • The principles are solidly grounded in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy;
  • It gives the church an objective view of their current situation;
  • It provides the church with hope.  Something tangible can be done to improve the church.