Men's Ministries

The Montana Conference Men's Ministries serves the needs of the men in our Conference. Every year the Men's Summit Committee organizes an event at which various speakers encourage our constituent brethren. This year will be the 13th year for the Men's Summit in the Montana Conference. Past speakers of the Men's Summit were Ty Gibson, James Rafferty, Steve Wohlberg

The Men's Summit will be held September 29-October 1, 2017 at the Mount Ellis Academy Ski Lodge. 
Price per attendee: $75. 

Summit Topics
1 The Purpose and History of the Prophetic Gift       
2 Revelation, Inspiration and Illumination / 1
3 Revelation, Inspiration and Illumination / 2           
4 The Proper Interpretation and Application of Inspired Writings 
5 Ellen White, Plagiarism, Unfulfilled Prophecies and Infallibility
6 The Reformation and Our Prophetic Guidance (presented Barry Taylor) 

We invite all men cordially to be part of this wonderful opportunity to become closer to God.