Literature Works

As I travel throughout the great state of Montana, I am consistently finding people who are hungering and thirsting for righteousness.  They are still looking for answers to questions they have been asking for years. I have found that one the most effective ways of answering their questions is by sharing a small pamphlet, tract, or book. Then following that up with compassionate conversations.

I encourage all to give it a try and watch how the Spirit will work.  

pocket booklet

This little pocket booklet is great to share with those who may have questions about sin and salvation, highlighting Satan’s counterfeits regarding these two issues. This great little booklet emphasizes one's need for faith in God  and His grace without minimizing the act of obedience to all of God’s law.

Two statements that caught my attention were:

“I cannot emphasize enough that the devil doesn’t care why you disobey God as long as you do it.” p.5  

“Any of our future actions can be changed by accepting the impartation of His (Christ') victorious experience as He lived it in our fallen nature.” p.16

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This little pocket tract is great to share with those who may have questions concerning their walk with God or with individuals that may not believe that God will hear them if they called out to Him.  Friends, these are some of the prevailing feelings of many people in today's world.  This tract will give people the encouragement they need to reach out and talk to God who really cares.

A few statements that caught my attention were:

“Prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend.”  

“Prayer does not bring God down to us, but brings us up to Him.” 

“Our heavenly Father waits to bestow upon us the fullness of His blessing.” 

​“Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, who long after God,may be sure that they will be filled.”

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